The next edition of the International Floriculture Trade Exhibition “AGRIFLOR” is scheduled to open on Wednesday October 5 in “Centro de Exposiciones Quito”. In contrast to the past 8 editions, the exhibition has been moved this year to another exhibition center, located right in the center of Quito and very close to all main international hotels and restaurants.

The former exhibition center CEMEXPO was located outside the city on a 45 minutes distance from downtown Quito, but closed down last year. Therefore an alternative had to looked for and was found at the exact same place where AGRIFLOR started back in 1996. So going back to where it once all started, one could say, but not in the sense of going backwards, explains Dick van Raamsdonk, General Manager of HPP exhibitions and organizer of the exhibition AGRIFLOR.

Although this exhibition center is smaller than CEMEXPO, it is surely a very attractive place and in more than one way. The fact that it is so centrally located in downtown Quito near all the hotels where the international visitors stay is a real benefit for all participants, with which exhibitors and visitors agree when we ask their opinion on the change of the exhibition location.

Furthermore, the fact that the total available hall space in this exhibition center is smaller than in the former hall CEMEXPO, a fair space distribution concept was needed with the purpose of maximizing available stand space for each exhibitor. Although this resulted in smaller stands for everyone, it guarantees that nobody has to be left out. And when looking at it from an aspect of costs, the required budgets as a consequence are much smaller.


Agriflor 2016

Agriflor Ecuador 2016
Agriflor Ecuador 2016

FlorEcuador Agriflor is a 4 day event being held from 5th October to the 8th October 2016 in Quito, Ecuador. This event showcases products like Reach the largest collection of worldwide flower buyers and decision makers in one place. Showcase your newest, most innovative products. Build stronger, more profitable relationships with your existing customers and suppliers. Network with the Industry’s leading buyers and sellers. Take advantage of year-round opportunities to reach your buyers. See what your competition is up to and what’s new in the industry. Join the Growers & Breeders Quality Competition judged by an international jury. Be part of the farm tour program if you are a grower. Take part in the International flower party and enjoy a joyful evening with buyers from all over the world etc. in the Agriculture & Forestry industry.

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